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We live in a world bursting with natural talent and opportunity, yet so many of us never fulfil our potential in life.

At Vivo, our mission is to change this.

The key to unlocking human potential is tied to nurturing four key attributes: skills, character, knowledge and wellbeing. Each is inextricably linked and yet often targeted in isolation. We believe in a holistic approach to personal development, one which cares about the parts and is passionate about the whole, breaking through silos to connect and inspire.

How it works

The Vivo Content Marketplace gives people access to an immersive world of experiences and opportunities.

The Vivo Engagement Engine provides the perfect blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

The Vivo Human Potential Network connects and inspires people across the globe.

The Vivo Data Hub maps and measures all progress, providing rich insights and powering highly contextual recommendations.

Technology meets positive psychology and well-being
A platform personalized for life

Our technology

Secure, horizontally scalable platform built upon the latest industry technologies.

Game mechanics engine constructed as a result of 8 years of research in the space.

REST API for third party integrations.

JavaScript SDK for third party integrations.

Location-based recommendations.

The Vivo brands

We’ve built specific tools for people and organisations that share our vision across a range of sectors.


Our consumer brand focuses on the individual and their journey through personal growth.


For the education sector, we provide tools to engage and inspire students and teachers.


For corporates and SMEs, we boost wellbeing and growth within the workplace.

About Vivo

Founded in 2008, Vivo engages over one million active users in personal development and lifelong learning. We are proud to have inspired over 250 million positive actions across four continents. After 8 years in the education sector, it was time to apply our technology to a wider range of human experiences. In 2016, we launched VivoMe and VivoHeart, our consumer and corporate solutions. We currently have offices in San Francisco, London and Sydney.
We partner with organisations who share our values. Together, we have more power to inspire and connect.

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