Vivo is an award-winning technology

building good habits and shaping better futures.


of schools in the UK use Vivo


report an increase in motivation


report an increase in academic performance

Our flagship product, Vivo Class, is used in 20% of UK schools.
By focusing on R&D, Vivo has revitalised the education sector in the UK with a rewards scheme proven to realise student potential in and out of the classroom.

How does it work?


Vivo uses game mechanics to increase engagement. Users unlock rewards and level up for doing good things. Users are motivated to "do good" because progressing within Vivo's game world is fun.


Vivo offers an extensive, multi-layered rewards system. The more good things our users do, the greater the quantity and quality of rewards available to them. Includes exclusive offers, points, badges and prizes.


Vivo's content is fun, engaging and always inspiring. It shows how people can and already are making the world a better place. Think charity campaigns, inspiring stories, healthy living and careers advice.

Shaping better futures
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823 Million

rewards given in the last year.

What our users say about Vivo

“Vivo has been a great addition to our rewards program at school. It’s a great way of engaging students and gives them an incentive to try even harder at school.”

“Vivo has provided us with exactly what we were looking for. Behaviour has noticeably improved, and relations between staff and students are stronger too.”

“Our decision to adopt Vivo has transformed the way we reward our pupils and has had a positive impact across the school.”

“Functional, quick and accessible to staff, parents and students alike, it has dramatically increased the motivation of our students to perform well and to receive recognition for their hard work.”

“What a fantastic and easy-to-use reward system. Students are extremely responsive and love the league tables. Staff find it a simple and effective way of engaging students.”

Products and platform

Although Vivo began its life in the education sector, the Vivo platform can be adopted for multiple applications in different industries. We are constantly expanding Vivo's product range and driving the company forward.


Vivo Class is our flagship product and a market leader in the UK. Primarily used in high schools, Vivo Class drives positive behavior in all aspects of school life. A beta version is now available in the United States.


With Vivo Class Nano, individual teachers can try our award-winning platform for free. The streamlined version of Vivo Class is packed with our most popular features and designed to work on all devices favored in classrooms.

The award-winning Vivo platform powers software solutions in the consumer loyalty, healthcare and enterprise spaces. Platform licensing and engineering integration services are available from our team of gamification and highly-scalable systems experts.

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